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Go Home Paul...Just Go Home...

So..Sir Paul McCartney has decided to make a stop in this lowly part of the globe ..not to sing (thank god) but to criticize our seal hunt. Before going any further I would first like to scratch an itch. I wish that someone would club HIM over the head with his anorexic wife's wooden leg rendering him even more useless than he already is.
Here is what I really don't get..Do these famous people REALLY think they're fooling anyone? They're not. First of all, we as Newfoundlanders kill LOTS of animals, rabbits, moose, ducks, cod fish, the latter is almost completely exterminated and I don't see any famous people complaining about that. Why? One word, cuteness...A cod fish isn't cute. It doesn't pull at the masses heartstrings in quite the same way as a fluffy baby seal does now does it? Another reason is how hunters kill the seals, clubbing. Really? Who cares how an animal dies, the end result is the same is it not? Death. It's not prolonged, it's the same if not quicker than shooting a seal. It's better, at least the seal is knocked out for it's death, a shot gun blast to the body gives a more prolonged death and the seal is wide awake and aware of it's pain. If I'm ever killed I hope someone knocks me out for it. I don't want to know I'm dying. Would you?
These brownbread head rock stars really need to be put in their place. We as homo-sapians have a fine set of canines for the shredding of animal flesh. Natural selection has chosen us to be carnivorous. I'd rather listen to mother nature than some over the hill English rock star and his dull as dirt horse faced wife. Vegetarianism is fine. I have nothing against it at all. As long as it is not preached to me. It's a choice, just like it's MY choice to eat meat.
Another thing, it's trendy. Animal activism is a band wagon everyone tries, not really a belief. I once rode on the back of it somewhere, to be cool, not because I really believed in saving animals. How could I while still sucking back on a Quarter Pounder? Most people who jump on that band wagon are hypocrites, just like I was. How can you justify traveling all this way to protest the killing of seals when we have children dying all over the world from famine, war, ethnic cleansing...Think about that for a moment. SOOO much money goes to PETA and other nonsense organizations each year and what is REALLY done with that money? Jack Hanna (the Colombus zoo guy who comes on Leno sometimes) was on Bill Mahar's late night talk show once and pointed out to some brain-dead stoned PETA rep that his organization had raised $160,000 for the conservation of endangered species in that year and asked how much PETA had actually raised for conservation. The guy had no response, he DIDN'T know. Jack knew. NONE. I guess all of PETA's money goes to new implants for Pam Anderson.
In closing I have some final word's for "Sir" Paul..Go home. We don't care about your narrow minded views. Take the time to ACTUALLY learn about the seal hunt instead of preaching uneducated trendy views on a people who have been hunting for hundreds of years. If you really want to feel good about yourself, sponsor a starving child or buy a homeless man a meal. At the end of the day this world had much more pressing issues than a seal hunt. Plus, I can't wait for Keith Richards to come and protest our Moose hunt, at least he's COOL!!!
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